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Home Automation is something that is rapidly growing in the Lower Mainland and has become a standard for new construction homes, apartments, commercial applications and just upgrading your existing system. It is all about saving time and money with giving you that cool factor. Press the HOME button as you walk in the door, or set an automated schedule to turn on the lights, warm up the room as the TV turns on, or play your favorite music station. With the AWAY/VACATION button when you're leaving, you will make sure things get shut off. With the lighting, TV's Stereo, HVAC, Irrigation, and pool controls we can set detailed schedules to save you money on a daily basis. With motorized blinds we can retro fit virtually anywhere and they can help block annoying rays year- round with automatic privacy. With the right style the blinds can give you great R rating to your home, again saving you money. You can start off with a small cost effective single room and expand as you wish, giving you maximum flexibility.


Owner/Project Manager

With a background and skill set focused in audio engineering and production. Josh brings 10 + years of audio/video and integration experience to this growing company he started from the ground up.

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