Elan camera's and NVR (network video recorder) marry the Elan automation system perfectly.  They auto populate when program for easy deployment, saving you on setup fee's. They are some of the few cameras that offer Facial Recognition and Video Analytics Technologies. These cameras have the same tech as the Elan touch panels.


Imagine that your touch panel identifies you as you approach and then displays a custom menu of options, sets your preferred lighting and temperature, and turns on your favorite music,” continued Hensley. “Your system is becoming intuitive to your lifestyle.

Just like the new Elan doorbell, the camera's integrate IntelliVision advanced motion analytics to accurately distinguish people from moving objects such as a passing car and swaying trees. “This all but eliminates false alerts that cause many users of doorbell cameras to turn off the notices altogether,”


The top of line Luma vandal dome offers 8MP dazzling 4K resolution, with Starlight technology allows you to stay in color mode all night with the help of ambient light. Our motorized varifocal lens gives you the capability to easily adjust and customize your customer’s final preferences from the ground, making installation stress-free.


Luma cameras are backed by Snap AV, and OvrC cloud management technology which is a is a revolutionary support platform which allows them to be remotely manage, configure, and troubleshoot devices on the network. From basic home theaters to large-scale networking infrastructures, OvrC empowers integrators to keep everything running smoothly.


Hikvision have been leading the market for IP and Analog sales around the world for a long time. They have a vast lineup of cameras from PTZ (motorized), fish-eye - 360 degree, to outdoor turret model in many different resolution setting to make the budget of any install.


They are seamlessly view-able from your computer or smart device local or from anywhere in the world. Viewing recordings, or saving snapshots is done with a click of a button withing the Hik-Connect app. Hikvision is an amazing cost effective surveillance solution.


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